Friday, June 28, 2013

Bring Me Out to the Ball Game

In the Middle of May Grandma Fergy hosted yet another way cute party for all the grand-kiddos. This party was an All American baseball themed fiesta.
She of course had tons of cute table displays and food anything you would normally find at a baseball game  including pizza, soft pretzels, popcorn candy, chips hot-dogs, dipping dots, cotton candy, peanuts and even cute sugar cookies decorated to look like baseballs.
All the cousins had fun playing with each other as always. Unfortunately, Phoebe was only at this party for about 5 mins before her daddy picked her up to go to another fiends doggie salon birthday party. 
Grandma started the games by passing out out baseball hats to all the kids so they could get in the baseball mood. For the most part Sophie didn't like her hat unlike the twins which LOVED them.
For most of the party Sophie didn't care to participate in any games , but was just content to lay on my lap and suck her thumb.
Grandma also gave all the kiddos their own bats and ball to play with which at time has just meant each of my kiddos just has their own beating club.
This was a super cute Fergy Grandma party that once again all the kiddos loved going and playing all the games in!

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