Monday, June 24, 2013

Misc Utah April Happenings

We are finally in our home and it has been a SLOW set-up process, but here were a few pics from our week here. Sophie was sooo excited to get her very first big girl bed.
Cami was pretty excited that we got out the dress-ups again and I guess it had been a while since we had seen some of her clothes that didn't make the Oregon trip, because when we got back it was too small. she still insisted on wear the yellow sweatshirt however, which totally made her look like a minion off Despicable me.
Josh had fun helping daddy do manly thinks like build beds
It was such hard work a short while later we called and called him and eventually found him asleep in the chair.
Because we live in a new neighborhood they have LOTS of large machines around the kids call them all diggers whether they really are or not. I don't know who gets more excited to see all the machinery, Josh or Sophie.
It took one WHOLE weekend but we finally unpacked the kitchen and were able to have a first meal at a table together as a family in nearly 3 months.
Phoebe has re discovered all her stuffed animals again and afraid they felt neglected she insisted on sleeping with 15+ at a time...since this we have implemented a 3max animal a night policy
April was a crazy roller coaster ride for our family and we are SOOO excited to finally be back to normal life in a home as our lil' family again!

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