Monday, June 24, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

We got a front yard finally!!!
A couple weeks after we moved in we had our fence installed so I no longer have to worry about all the wee ones running off when they are suppose to be in the back yard.
We even hooked up our new drip system which Cory comment was super easy it was "Idiot" proof. Turns out we must been the village idiot because we had MAJOR sprinkler fail. You are not suppose to see geysers of water shooting everywhere. Sprinkler FAIL! After several hours and some sweet neighbors who had some mercy on us and gave us some new parts and tips to setting it up we finally got it all hooked up and all sorts or cute plants planted.
Josh's room was the first to be completed, we went with a shark ocean theme, which he LOVES!
Here are a few other pics of the new house for all ya'all too see.
Kitchen, Master Bath, and the Laundry room before & after (I have yet to sew the curtains for that room, but I have the material for it.)
I will post more pics when we have more done!