Friday, June 28, 2013

So Far Not SOO Terrible Two

I had to take one more picture of my baby Sophie right before she turned two yrs old, so here is my  baby the last night she was 1yr old.
The next morning Sophie, and the other kiddos, where soo excited to wake up and see all the fun presents on the counter waiting to be opened.
Sophie was really NOT thrilled with any kind of birthday hat we tried to have her wear.
She was trilled by all the fun things she got for her birthday and immediately wanted to play and read everything she got before she would open the next gift, so the whole process took a REALLY long time.
The rest if the kiddos were thrilled with all the hats and was happy Sophie didn't want to wear one so they all could instead.
Since Sophie's birthday was on a Sunday I had planned for many weeks that Sophie would wear the birthday dress that Phoebe and Cami got for their 3rd and 1st birthday's respectively.
When we got home we took naps and made a DELICIOUS Cino de Mayo dinner, the best smothered burritos ever!!! Everything, but the tortillas were made from scratch. Grandma/pa Fergy and Aunts and Uncles then also dropped in for yumm-o ice cream and cupcakes and of course open a few other  gifts.
When it came time to Sing Happy Birthday Sophie was thoroughly bothered by the fact that we put burning candles on her cupcake and really wanted little to do with the thing, until the hot was gone.
This little girl has continued to be the easiest child ever! she lives to just observe and play by herself, with the stroller and baby dolls. She does have an ear piercing scream if she thinks her toy are being taken by siblings or otherwise being wronged in any way. she is content to left me comb and play with her hair for long periods which is something her sisters would NEVER let me do. she continues to be a good eater. Sophie is one of my bigger kiddos, but even at that for girls she is at 50% for height and 10% for weight. She loves to snuggle and we love snuggling with all her loving squishy self!

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