Thursday, July 4, 2013

And On That Farm...

The last week before Phoebe graduated her preschool her whole grade went on a field trip to wheeler farm. I really wanted to chaperon this trip, but unfortunately I had no sitter for the 3 younger so instead I just took the other 3 to the farm and we had lunch and walked around on our own. The twins got really excited to feed the ducks at the farm and normally the ducks are usually over fed and care nothing about our bread, but that was not the case that day; the twins got a bit nervous because every duck and goose within 500 sq feet came charging and fighting over their bread bits.
The farm isn't that big, so we spent most of the time with in the same vicinity of Phoebe's class which was nice so I could run over and snap a cute class pic when they lined up on the wagon for one.
The farm was PACKED on the day we were there with many full school buses , but surprisingly enough  the tractor was empty when we got there, which is one of Joshes favorite spots so WOOHOO for good timing! Sophie was quite content to sit in her stroller the whole time and view the world from her cozy shaded seat.
At the farm the twiners were looking at all the animals in their farm areas and having so much fun until we came to the turkey. For some reason Cami was soo sad to see this turkey in his cage, her whole face sunk and she said the turkey was crying and that made her sad. I guess she is just more in tune with the turkey, because he seemed like a normal old turkey to me.
We saw this cute little newborn gosling on our way out and I just had to snap a lil' pic.
When we got home I noticed Phoebe had a goose feather in her hair, which is sooo fitting of my little feather loving Phoebs.
This little field trip is really cute to see with all the kids and I am glad I got to be there even if I wasn't chaperoning it.

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