Thursday, July 4, 2013

She Graduated!

In the very end of May our wee Phoebe finally became a Preschool graduate! To celebrate, her class put on a little program for the parents where they all had a line to memorize and deliver and sing several songs. Here are two of Phoebe's favorite songs, the ones she has sang over and over to me.
Phoebe was so proud to show everyone her preschool "diploma."
I have been excited all year to give this "teacher gift" ever since I found this cool trowel and I know her teacher loves to garden.
Phoebe was thrilled to be done with school, but immediately asked while in the car if we can still comeback and visit Mrs Thompson (or Thompson Monson as Phoebe called her) because she was really going to miss her.
This year for graduation Phoebe was SPOILED with tons-o-gifts. Grandma+pa Fergy got her a princess balloon and princess whiteboard activity book. Grandma+pa Potts got her the outfit she is wearing, some money to buy the family treats to celebrate and a fashion maker set. We got her the princess castle and dolls (a free leftover from my Fisher Price house party, Thank You Fisher Price!)
For the treat money Grandma+pa sent to celebrate with we went to a new ice cream place called sub zero. This place make the ice-cream right in front of  you with liquid nitrogen. I thought it would be new and a fun experience, but really it was just expensive and not that great tasting...oh well the kiddos still liked it.
Phoebe had so much fun in her Bright Stars Preschool with Mrs Thompson for 2 years. Thanks to everyone for helping me out by either babysitting so I could chaperon, picking her up for me, or taking the baby monitors while I ran to get her in the afternoon. It really did take a village for her to be in attendance some days so thanks a ton to all of you! We are going to truly miss Mrs. Thompson and I just hope the twins & Sophie have a teacher as cute and as loving as she was to Phoebs.

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