Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special V-Day Deliveries

Since we moved to Grandma/pa Potts' home at Valentines time Grandma had a fun idea of having all the kiddos getting a special delivery from cupid everday of Feb leading up to the big day-o-love.  Their deliveries were small, usually just one piece of candy, but the kids LOVED it and would run to their boxes every morning about 5:15-5:30 am.
On one funny side not I guess I have never given my kiddos fruit roll-ups before because NONE of them knew how to eat them and all of them began biting & chewing big wholes in the plastic back that you pull the fruit roll-up off from. Mom failure on my part I guess, OOPS!
Two days before V-day Daddy sent us this box of fun treats. These were the BEST chocolate dipped strawberries I have ever had. These were HUGE berries, when Sophie had hers I looked for the smallest one and it was still like a mini apple size to her.
Not only where these delicious they were MESSY!  Look at my sweet sticky kids afterwards. I nearly just had to hose Sophie down afterwards.
These berries lasted only 24 hrs in our house and that was practicing a great deal of self restraint, we just loved every messy bite if it. Thanks Daddy!!!

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