Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Big 3-3

This year I turned the big 3-3, but it didn't really feel/seem that much older to be since last year I was confused and already thought I was 33 for a while...the mind is already going. We were still luckily enough to be in Utah altogether for mu celebration si we started off with all the kiddos helping me to open all my goodies, of which there were a lot!
Afterwards Sophie chose to gift me with a clean house, unfortunately we were still living in Grandma Fergy's house which is always clean anyways so there was no big dramatic difference, oh well it's the thought that counts.
In the afternoon I had a WONDERFUL neighbor who took the kiddos for a couple hrs so Cory and I could enjoy a fun afternoon of strolling and shopping.  We went to Quilted Bear and bought a couple fun home decor items for the new house and exchanged a shirt at Scheels. Afterwards we came home and put the kiddos down for a bit and rested.  For dinner we went to Culver's and place we always wanted to try, but unfortunately we here not impressed with at all.
For dessert Cory got a delectable variety of cuppie-cakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy, which did included my very favorite creme brulee cupcake!
This was really a nice relaxing birthday this year and I especially appreciated the time alone with hubby to shop and see a couple places before we had to separate for the next couple of months.