Saturday, February 23, 2013

Phoebe's Library Fieldtrip

Way back in the end of January Phoebe got to go one one last field trip with her preschool before moving away and this trip was to the Sandy Library. I was lucky enough to join in the trip  this time and I only had to watch 3 kiddos, double score. In our car we had Phoebe, Eli, Georgia...aren't they cute friends altogether??
We first went in a large room where we learned what a library is and what the people that work there do.  We then read 2 fun books and talked about what we do and don't do in libraries.
After story times we got to see the cool machine in the back that auto sorts all the returned materials, I even learned things here, it is super hi-tech! We then went upstairs to take a tour and have a little free time in the kids section where Phoebe, of course, just wanted to play on the computers. She got quickly bored since I wouldn't let her log on so then we just read Fancy Nancy books until it was time to go.
This was a cute little trip the kiddos got to take and I was especially glad to go with my Phoebes on her last fun trip in while she was in her preschool.

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