Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fergy Family Snow Day

On the day before my mom came into town to move me and the kids Cory took the morning off to spend with the family.  We had plans to go to the free Zoo day, but the weather was highly uncooperative so instead we just played together, relaxed and had fun shoveling driveways. Or at lease some of us did, Phoebe was out and then back in within 5 minutes. Josh LOVED shoveling and Cami enjoyed stomping around until she got wet or cold, then she just cried and screamed to go back in.

Sophie went crazy running and playing in the snow and could always be seen grinning crazily! She even got in on the shoveling action and luckily we had two shovels because her and Josh just both wanted to push and shovel away!
This was morning wasn't as fun as it would have been at the zoo, but the kids for the most part just had fun anyway playing out fun and spending some extra time with daddy.

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