Saturday, February 23, 2013

Phoebe's Library Date

We are now in Oregon and plan to be here for many weeks so in an effort to have the kiddos not feel too out sorts I have decided to take the kiddos out on two dates each. Phoebe was first and her date was ti the Tuesday night story time at the city Library and then to a fancy cake shop in town. 

The Salem library story time was a fun, we sang, danced, well after we got done being too shy, and then listened to a couple stories. When we were done Phoebe got a fun purple heart stamp she was proud to  show me. 
Afterwards we went to play in the fun kids discovery room where they have tone of different outdoor kids actives to play with. We built camp fires discovered birds nests and made and followed different animal tracks in the sand. After we played there we went to  the kids book section and read some books and played with the fun horse carousel benches and working pay phones they had.
 I nearly had to drag Phoebe out of the library at 8:30pm they had so many fun thing to see and do like these fun reading chairs.
Luckily the cake shop (was only 2 blocks away and open late so I didn't have to worry about making it, before it closed.Gerry Franks Konditorei is a fun place with TONS of delicious fancy cakes I enjoyed coming to when I was little. I let Phoebe pick out her own cake, Barney's Blackout cake with a matching lemonade; while I had a Turtle cheesecake.  Phoebe of course only ate about 2 bites and 1/2 in of her lemonade & unfortunately the rest went all over the floor.
This was a fun date and not too expensive and the bonus was we took Phoebe's cake home where she then forgot about it and I enjoyed eating the rest of it the next couple of days! YUMMY. Can't wait to bring the next kiddo here because I have quiet the list of other cakes I would like to try.

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Taylor Family said...

You are such a fun mom, I am sure your kids LOVE their time alone with Mom! And that cake looks amazing!