Friday, March 8, 2013

The Fergy Family Day-O-Love 2013

On V-day morning I went to exercise early so we waited to do our trail until later in the morning. We also had the added difficulty of worrying about doggies eating the trail so I had to set it up in the kid's bedroom. This year the kiddos all got pjs from us and a cute new brave doll and bears because the 3 red headed trouble brothers remind me a lot of the twiners! The fun body wash and wash clothes came from grandma Fergy.
All the kiddos loved their new diggs, especially the candy leading to it!
Of course grandma/pa Potts had to WAY spoil us all with tons-o-love day goodies.
After nap time we enjoyed some winter weather hot tubbing and them dressed all cozy in our new pjs for some yummy goodness.
Grandma Potts got us some v-day decorating supplies so in the morning we made some yummy cupcakes to them one. Most of the kiddos just wanted to decorate their frosting bowls then just "spooned" the frosting. Phoebe on the other hand was really into the cupcake decorating sticks.
After the sugar frosting and the candy the kiddos had that day the kiddos were bouncing off the walls so we calmed them all down with their new Winnie the Pooh movie until I could finally corral them into bed for the night.
This was a fun v-day, different from all the others we have or will ever have because we got to be with Grandma/pa Potts & the doggies. It has been fun getting to spend some of the holidays parting in Oregon, we only with Cory could have been able to party with us!

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