Friday, March 8, 2013

We're Seaside!

For a fun mini get-a-way grandma/pa Potts took us for a mini 2 day trip up north to Seaside Oregon, someplace I hadn't been to since I was a little little girl. The night we got in we just stayed in and had fun relaxing and eating dinner & lots of candy that we got at fun candy store in Cannon Beach on the way up. The next day we packed in all the fun! We went to the tiniest aquarium where the kiddos had a blast feeding the seals with herring bits & looking all around at all the fish. We practically had the place to ourselves, which was nice since this aquarium was only about 1000sq ft.the kids had fun running around  They had mini touch tanks and Phoebe loved watching the hermit crab run around in it.
They also had a couple wolf eels which we learned really aren't eels at all but a fish. Grandma Potts said looking at them reminded her of grandpa  ;)  The aquarium also housed one of the LARGEST octopuses I had ever seen! He was in an open tank in the middle of the room so we could see him swim around.  He had been caught by a crabber only a month prior so he still wasn't used to being enclosed and kept crashing  full speed into the side of his tank, which made us a bit sad for him.
Sophie spent most of her time doing the rubbing drawings and playing with this fish in the tanks that would chase her hand as she waved it up and down.
A couple other things the aquarium used to house was a live 26 lbs lobster also caught by a fisherman, but saved spared from the dinner table to live out the remainder of his days here. They also had a dead large squid which Cami was mad would't swim around, so she stood there and yelled swim fish swim!
After the aquarium we walked through the cute town of seaside.
Josh wanted to go in the local pot store and actually walked right in since they had their doors open, we had to go running in after him to pull him out, I pray this isn't a sign of what he likes.
We also found an old carousel in a shopping center and let the 3 older kiddos have a ride. Josh was excited to be riding one of Santa's reindeer.
While continuing to walk through the town we found a fun doughnut shop and thought we would let the kiddos spoil their lunch with these delectable treats.
Following "lunch" we walked back to take a little nap before heading to the beach. Right outside our hotel they had a swing set on the shore. The 3 littlest kiddos LOVED swinging and swinging on it, I wish all beaches had this!
After prying them away from the swings we headed further down on the beach where we found a fun sand castle. Phoebe had one track mind however, so she passed up both the swings and castles to go find shells.  Unfortunately, the beach was pretty picked over so we only found part of a crab and one whole razor clam shell. I found a wad of seaweed which I told her was a pile of huge ocean worms, but she wouldn't believe me. Following out 15 minutes on the very cold windy beach we walked back up to the hotel where we went hot tubbing to thaw out.
On a side note: my mom has had declining vision and finally got her cataract surgery this week, but when we were at the beach she found this piece of plastic on the beach and told Phoebe it was a delicate rare round shell. Phoebe later came and threw it at me telling me grandma gave her garbage, which we all laughed and laughed at because it was CLEARLY plastic trash, but grandma couldn't see it clearly enough to know it was.
The next day we, our checkout day, the weather was AWFUL  It was pouring and the wind was so forceful that all of our umbrellas flew inside out and nearly flew a couple kiddos away with them Mary Poppins style. We were laughing so hard at the kiddos and their crazy umbrellas whipping all round in the rain & wind it was all we could do to walk back to the van without losing it ourselves. You can see at the end Phoebe's umbrella became more of a rain catcher than shelter.
It was a good thing we were headed home because we were all wet and the kiddos were exhausted from their short jaunt in the Oregon Coast wind and rain. I loved this mini get-a-way and it was a VERY welcome change from our normal day full of Disney channel and house play.

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