Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cami's Mommy Date

After several weeks I finally found a night to take Cami out on her special Oregon date, she wasn't such a fan of story time at the library last time we went so I had to come up with a new activity and since I needed to go shopping Cami was eager to make our date shopping for Easter dresses followed by cake. Cami was a pretty good girl in the mall she let me shop around and even try stuff on her with almost no fuss which is big for her, she is anti shopping girl. On a side note I am  pretty sure her daddy has brain washed her because on 2 different occasions when I tried on a bracelet and when I tried to get her to try on shoes she told me, "Put 'em back Mom we aren't getting it." I could have sworn Cory momentarily magically appeared from all the way from Utah. After getting the the dresses Cami was pretty excited to go and get cake and pop! 
Cami picked out a cupcake and then only ate the frosting with a spoon and left teh cake part alone. We split an Italian soda which meant I got a sip and Cami commandeered the rest. At this point she was REALLY wound up on a sugar high! she kept taking a sip of the pop and then jumping in a circle in frint of the table. It didn't help that it was about 1 1/2 hrs afer her normal bed time.
The people at the tables next to up were giggling at all of Cami's excessive energy; in fact, the Mom across from us said now that is what an old fashioned kid sugar high looks like! Cami finished her cake date with my chocolate frosting from the most delicious Mounds cake EVER, then we headed home. Growing up mom mom had a rule whomever the clothes were for had to carry the bags so here is Cami with all her & her siblings clothing loot. Cami could barely even hold it all for the picture, it was too "Heab(v)y."
It took us another 30-40 mins after we got home for her to calm down enough to go to bed, so we snuggled and watched a show together. I next to never get time alone to do something fun with Cami, something I hope we can change when she gets a bit older and a little less wild, because this was a fun little date with her.

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