Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When in Oregon do as the Oregonians

We have now been in Oregon for 6 1/2 wks and have found lots of fun little things to occupy our time. 

We had a birthday party for Aunt Lucy and she brought us this GINORMOUS cookie which was one of the best cookies I have ever had!
We have had lots of lunches and snacks out on the porch watching movies on the little TV. We have watched the deer come by in grandpa's pasture, which is why phoebe absolutely swears her grandpa is Santa Clause...he has reindeer!
We have managed to find a nice day to go to the park for picnics. Which was awesome, because it was a less popular park by the elementary I went to and we had the whole place to ourselves!
We have had many Fridays where we indulge in pizza, movies, & popcorn. Usually Sophie doesn't have the stamina for a movie so she wanders around the house seeing what items of her big sisters she can get into and dress up in while they are distracted. I call this look the girly hobo. Cami and Phoebe have spent many hours with grandma applying make up. Many days they come out looking like short street walkers and grandma is qick to point out she didn't have anything to do with it. Miss Sophie is usually pretty jealous we don't let her participate so one one occasion she showed us by finding a blue highlighter and doing her own makeup.
We have played beauty parlor with lots of new hair dos  including Phoebe in hair curlers. I absolutely LOVE the pic of her reading her book on the porch while watching lady & the tramp on the TV in her curlers. I feel like she only needs a moo moo and bon-bons to finish the look. the curls came out pretty cute and definitely added volume to her other wise flattish due, however, after only one hour all the curl came out and it was pretty dreadful looking.
We still have another 3 1/2 more week in Oregon so ya'll can be sure we will find more fun things to to a we play the part of Oregonians!

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