Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luck-O-The Fergys

We were a bit worried that our tricky leprechaun wouldn't know that we were temporarily in Oregon, but Phoebe notified her birds to take the message to the leprechaun of our move. I didn't know she has such messenger birds, but she told me she has messenger birds for all the holidays, lucky us we will never be forgotten! Lucky Phoebe's bird must have come through because we had our trixty leprechaun come to our house, we had to search everywhere for our treats and we found then hidden in our oven...crazy leprechaun!
Our leprechaun turned our milk green, which Phoebe commented about, "It's green, but it still tastes like milk...WHAT?!?!" I guess surprised her.
We Skyped with daddy later in the and he told us that the little leprechaun even brought him a treat at Davy's house. Those Utah leprechauns aren't so cheap they bring the real Lucky Charms instead of the poor leprechaun imitation Lucky Charms.
After our ever so yummy Marshmallow Matey's Lucky Charms we got dressed up in the cute new green outfits grandma spoiled us with, she didn't want us to get pinched at church.
Dinner brought the traditional corned beef and cabbage, a classic and also a daddy favorite, which he unfortunately missed out on this year. We bought extra corned beef so come mid April we will be having a second St. Patty's day dinner with daddy when we are all back as a family together again!

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Did you mean to say "immitation" lucky charms? Just wondering, because you did say "immigration" lucky charms:)