Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pizza! Pizza!

Coming to Oregon I have made one meal mandatory and that is Walery's Pizza, it's absolutely the BEST! The kiddos have a blast riding the animals & driving endlessly crashing cars in the old arcade while I get fat of their divine pepperoni pizza, it's a win win for everyone!
This trip we also decided to make a stop for the kiddos first ever trip to Chuck-e-Cheese, someplace they have been begging to go for months. Well, let me tell you the place is not as magical as I remember it being as a kid. It has an immediate mustiness & foot stank and NO ball pit, which use to be my FAVORITE! Not to mention the pizza is way over priced for it's way sub-par cardboard taste. The kiddos, however, had the time of their lives playing there and we had over 300 tokens so the games were literally endless & the kiddos loved getting tickets and picking our worthless treasure trinkets at the end. Phoebe even got to meet Chuck-e-cheese himself which was extra fun for her. I most likely would never voluntarily return there, especially just Cory & I, luckily this time we had me my parents and Uncle Rob & Aunt Lucy a perfect kid to adult ratio...but, I have a feeling we will be drug back again for more nonstop fun where a kid can be a kid in the future.

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