Wednesday, April 10, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Easter

This year we luckily had some gorgeous weather at Easter time so we got to have fun dying out eggs outside on Grandma/pa Potts' patio. The kiddos had a blast helping to choose which colors to drop the eggs into. In years past we tried fancy egg dye kits, but this year we went back to the old original dye and we have never had such fun brightly colored eggs before  The kids were thrilled with the fun colors they came outs as. For a little extra fanciness they even got to add glitter glue, sparkles and sequins to their creations. 
After dying eggs we took the kids to the local Elk's Club where my parents are members to have an Easter egg hunt. Well, the eggs weren't really hidden to hunt down, but they still had fun running to grab some. They had different age groups and limits on how many eggs everyone could grab, which actually made this the nicest public egg hunt I have ever been to!
Sophie was in the first group to get their hunting one and they had a limit of 2 eggs, which was plenty since Sophie really only showed interest in picking up one egg, I had to do the second for her. The rest of the kiddos were in the second group and I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this pick of all the kids in a dead sprint out to get their 3 eggs. They ended up having a few extra the kids could hunt so Phoebe got more like 6 eggs.
The Easter Bunny hopped in for a quick visit, but only Phoebe was up to going to visit him, the rest were too busy eating their free lunches. Phoebe called him the Santa Clause bunny, because he looked just like Santa so she decided it is Santa working double duty in the bunny suit. After the bunny hopped off they began to have raffles for Easter baskets and they had a TON, 25 for each age group. Three of my kiddos ended up winning baskets, only Phoebe didn't win. She was incredibly sad at this especially because she was the only one in standing with me as all the raffle numbers were read off , after each one she would ask, "Is it me mom?" Poor girl! She found a little solace however, in the  fact she collected the most eggs outside.
After the hunt we raced home to catch a few afternoon Zzzs before dinner, which we ate picnic style in the sun & followed up with a fun Easter craft. Then, as is Fergy family tradition, we made our resurrection rolls the night before by placing the Jesus mallows in its dough-y tomb, or in Sophie case, her dark tomb like mouth.
We then did all the kiddos VERY favorite part, plant the magic Easter beans. This was the first year that Cami understood the bean concept and kept asking every minute of the beans had grown anything yet, It was Phoebe who then explained over and over that no the beans needed time to grow over night and that tomorrow we could see what they grew.
My kiddos were surely a bit wound up when it was time for bed so we took a few extra minutes to just talk, sit together & read Easter stories before closing our eyes for the night.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

That is the scariest Easter bunny I've ever seen! Why oh why did they cut a hole for a human face to peek through?!?