Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hopping into the Easter Fun!

Easter for the Fergy's was a fun one especially because it was wonderful weather and we got to spend it in Oregon, a first for my kiddos. We started with our traditional Resurrection rolls we filled the night before, fruit and juice.
We then got dressed in our cute Easter attire and even managed to snap a cute picture or two before Cami spilled Orange juice on her new white sweater before we even made it to church.
After church the kiddos speedily scarfed own their lunch and took a naps, because when we have early morning church the bunny doesn't visit our home until nap time. Phoebe was really excited to put out the two carrots she picked out at the store, they were some of the largest carrots I have ever seen in my life!
When the bunny finally hopped on over to u he didn't disappoint the kiddos got some awesome goodies! Not to mention the way cute baskets grandma/pa Potts filled for each of the kiddos. As an extra fun surprise the bunny also left me a whole loot of goodies in a new purse.
For dinner we had a ton of yumm-o food and got to have tons of fun playing around with Robert and aunt Lucy. The kiddos really enjoyed the desserts we made, an Easter basket cake and bunny tail truffles.
This Easter was a ton-of -fun for our little kiddos and I only wish we lived closer to grandma/pa Potts we so we could do it all again next year.

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