Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fergy Family Beach Day

On one of our last weeks in Oregon we finally made it back to the beach on a sunny-ish day, only stopping before hand for lunch at Burger King so we would have full and happy kiddos.

I truly think if Phoebe could pick only one place to play in the world it would be at the beach most every time. My kiddo love everything about the coast, outside of the wind and rain. The kids race down to the sand where Josh & Cami immediately begin digging and Phoebe races to the water to begin looking for shells. She also gets excited to find the occasional crab carcass or running from the waves.

Burring the kiddos in the sand is the ole stand by activity when they begin to get cold or too hot in the summer. 
This trip was a special occurrence because it was what is called a minus tide. It only happens a couple times a year and it is when the ocean tide is way far out leaving a ton more beach that is normally all submerged in water. Phoebe and Josh spent most of the time playing together walking through mini streams or pools. These two also met another brother and sister on the beach digging for clams which were a plenty due to the minus tide. They showed them how to dig quickly to find the clams, which Phoebe and Josh absolutely LOVED doing; Phoebe even got two, but I made her leave them at the beach.
Sophie set her mind to chasing all the bird away and would get frustrated that they would just go sit on the water right out of her reach; I had to remind her a time or two that we won't float on the water like bird do.
Cami  spent most of her time carrying around sticks and dragging grandma Potts up and down the beach on walks.
Lastly grandma Potts drew the letter P on the beach and then asked Phoebe what letter it was, what she had no problem identifying, but when she was asked what name starts with P, instead of answering her own she said, "PBS Kids". Yep we watch a lot of that in our house, I guess maybe too much.

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