Thursday, May 16, 2013

Semi-Annual General Conference Time

We were really hoping to be back home for General conference time, but we didn't make it so we just carried on our normal in Salem, Which included getting our semi annual donut breakfast and then coming back to eat & snuggle on the couch to watch the conference, which I luckily found on one of the channels.
During conference we managed to keep most of the little entertained with nail polish and doing Sophie's cute hair in curlers, I jut LOVE how stinkin' cute is is with the curlers and with her big beautiful curly hair!
Normally in the evening on Saturday conference we go and get a shake and fries with the Fergy clan, but we instead went with Grandma Potts to Five Guys for burgers, a place we have both been eager to try and it was DELICIOUS! Sophie especially loved the ketchup and just ate it straight! Phoebe loved the real peanuts that are served there, something my kiddos never had tried I guess because Phoebe said, "Mom these peanuts taste just like my peanut butter sandwich!"
Afterwards the kiddos came home all crazy & it took almost an hour to get them anywhere near bed. Here is a pic of Sophie being her rotten self; she has Josh trapped under the clothes basket crying while she is sitting on it laughing like a nut job.
We tried to carry on conference weekend as normal, but in the end I actually heard very little of it so luckily they have it in printed form, because I have been re-reading it all.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Sophie the bully:) Poor Joshie.