Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Playing Oregoians

The weather in the end of March was the best EVER, no literally, the Willamette Valley set a record for the warmest weather! The day before Easter we were the second warmest place in the country outside of Miami. With that warm weather we have donned on our finest and hit the town!
We made new friends that live next door and gone to the park. This was a pretty cool park too, well not really a park but the playground at the new elementary, they have way cooler play equipment than we ever did!
We met up with some friends and played at another park and rode the carousel, Sophie even rode the Larry pony in remembrance for her grandpa Larry.
I can't believe our time in Oregon is coming to a close and we only have a week to fit in the rest of our Oregon fun, stay tuned, because there will be more rainy day fun crammed into this trip yet!

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