Friday, March 8, 2013

We're Oregonians!

Since he have been in Oregon we have spent many MANY days hot tubbing! The kids have truly come to love hot tubbing in the rain.
The girls have discovered all of grandma's play jewelry and make-up which the love to glam up in on a daily basis.
Phoebe has rally gotten in to the laid back hippie style of Oregon folk and it is not uncommon she comes out dressed to go to the store in awesome outfits like this one.
We have spent many hours hanging out with each other cuddling, some by choice and some because baby sisters lock them selves in with us.
We have managed to find a nice day here and there to go out to play in the backyard or the park and have fun picnics.
Most of all we have spent a lot of time missing our daddy. The kids are all working on their phone/Skype conversation skills. Phoebe even made this computer (all by herself  out of a blank greeting card which she had then spent a great deal of time Skyping with daddy on.  I loved all her detailing & then her 100+ keys on the keyboard.
There has been much more goodness we have been up to lately now that spring is approaching, but I will add those adventures later.

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