Friday, March 8, 2013

Smile & Say CHEESE

On the way to a mini get-a-way in Seaside we stopped in at the famous Oregon Tillamook Cheese Factory.
I knew the kiddos would enjoy seeing how they make & package our favorite cheese, which they did! They ran from window to window watching closely every step of the packaging process
After observing the cheesy goodness we took the kiddos down to taste test all different kinds of cheese which are set up in  a large buffet style, we also let them pick out their own mini packets of cheese while I got my favorite, squeaky cheese, which sadly can only be bought at the factory. We also enjoy some of the yumm-o Tillamook ice-cream! Well, Sophie actually didn't get the whole ice-cream concept so she immediately set the ice-cream down on the table and I had to coax her to take the few licks she did before tossing it...weird-o kid. On a side note, when you walk in the Tillamook factory you are immediately slapped in the face with the heavenly wafts of the baking waffle cones which tasted every bit and delicious as they smelled.
After our thoroughly unhealthy lunch of cheese and ice-cream the kiddos LOVED playing in the baby loaf  bus, they all fought & fought over who got to drive.
Cami loved the factory so much she had a HUGE melt down when we got up to leave and she threw herself on the ground right outside the doors. I told her we were leaving her and being the stubborn pill she is she tested our bluff so, but when I finally got all the way to the end of the sidewalk she gave up and came running sobbing after us, typical of this one.
This was a fun stop and we even went down the street to the Tillamook smoke house where we got the BEST fresh beef jerky and WAAYY cheaply. It is a good thing I don't live near here or there is no way I would be down 50 lbs, cheese is my personal kryptonite.


Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Oh my goodness, a fresh waffle cone sounds DIVINE! The ones I always seem to eat are a bit stale. Such a sad thing:(

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What a fun place! I wanna come tour, sample, & eat of I e cream for my lunch!!! all sounds yummy!