Friday, May 18, 2012

Sophie's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

On Cinco de Mayo this year our little Sophie Marie turned ONE! Her festivities started with a visit and gift from Grandma Fergy, we then had messy crepes for breakfast followed of course by a bath! Sophie then got dolled up in her new party dress, opened all the gifts from us (the car seat and beanbag) and the tons of goodies Grandma&pa Potts brought for her birthday.
After naps we headed to grandma Fergy's to have her birthday Fiesta.  I was highly disappointed at the weather, however.  The week prior it was in the 80s and on her birthday it was 58 and freezing cold because the lam-o wind would not stop blowing. BOO!  I had a cuter set up planned in my mind, but due to venue changes and weather flops we had it in grandma Fergy's backyard. In spite of how I pictured it I think it still turned out pretty cute and it was good that we had it at grandma Fergy's so we could eventually all out inside and thaw out. We had a full taco bar complete with almost any fixing you could want.  For dessert we had jello cookies and cherry lime-aid cupcakes.  I only got one bit of one, but it tasted pretty good to me!

I know Phoebe doesn't look like she is having fun, but it's because she was cold and didn't want to eat...what's new? After discovering the princess tent with her cousin she perk right up. Cami was ready to party not matter how frozen she was. Poor Sophie was banished at her birthday dinner to the play area by herself so we could all enjoy dinner.

After our fine Mexican fare it was time for some Fergy Photo fun. We made all the families dress up and park take in the fun!
After pictures e sang a quick song so Sophie and the rest could dig in to the yummy dessert. I couldn't get a candle pick because the wind was blowing so hard it just kept blown the match and candle out. Sophie dug in her cupcake, but really she wan't hardly interested in it so she remained relatively clean.
While setting up the next activity, the pinata, my nieces performed a Mexican party dance they had learned in school, cute! It was then on to the pinata for smashing time; we went in order from yougest to oldest.  So it naturally started with Sophie.  The bat was to heavy for her so we helped her smash at the pinata with a maraca.
The pinata candy feast was followed by pin the tail on the donkey which my cute niece Emma won, she was so thrilled with her cupcake sucker prize & kept asking what we play next.
After pin the tail we all quickly cleaned up and went inside to thaw out for a bit before heading home.  Sophie partied it up so hardy that she didn't make it home before falling asleep. This was just a cat nap, however, shorty after this she was up partying until 10pm when we finally just made her go to bed which she was NOT happy about, poor birthday girl.
I have always wanted to have a fun Cinco de Mayo party so I am thrilled that Sophie chose to be born on the perfect Mexi-American holiday & I can see now there will be so many more fun fiestas in our future!

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