Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun & Festivities with Grandpa & Grandma Potts

This year Grandma & pa Potts chose to come visit us in time for Sophie's 1st fiesta, which unfortunately made it so we couldn't really get to a fun trip until one of their lat days here. This year we took a little trip to one of our favorite places, the aquarium.
After the aquarium Phoebe went to preschool and then came home to get into my make-up and doll herself up for our mandatory trip to Golden Corral, one of my dad's favorite places. As e sat down at the table he firsts words out of Phoebe's mouth were, "Where's my chocolate ice-cream?" She obviously remembers this place for the huge ice-cream bar. Much to her dismay we did make her eat dinner, however small it was, before she was her ice-cream. As a added treat this time Golden corral had a man making balloon characters for all the kids!
One of the things that Phoebe L-O-V-E-S the most about grandma Potts visiting is the one thing that I loved growing up too and that is watching grandma Potts get ready for the day, doing her hair and make-up. Grandma even humored the girls and got them all beautified too.
On the last morning we all just hug out a bit relaxing before the sad departure. 
We always LOVE it so much when Grandma&pa Potts come visit with the doggies and their "big car" aka motor-home that we wish we didn't live so far away and they could visit us so much more!

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