Monday, May 14, 2012

End of April Happenings

Man, it seemed like April lasted only but a few seconds before it was gone. We did manage to get some random pics of the last few day it was here. Cami set up a lounge are of her own in the backyard which included, a bowl of split marshmallow maties, a moldy old chair cover and our soft but non functional electric blanket. She layed out back for one who morning soaking up the lukewarm April rays.
In hope of exciting our kids for morning family prayer we decided to grow a plants for each of the kids to coincide with it. Every morning when we say morning prayers we will water the flowers, unfortunately the flowers are turning out to be a bust, but we haven't given up yet!
In the end of April we had a Cub Scout carnival and had TONS of fun activities for the boys & families to do which included getting their faces painted.  Phoebe chose not to get a crown or butterfly on her face, she just wanted pretty make-up done. In the photos her colors are much more subdued than they were in person so yep that's my girl the one who slightly resembled a lady of the night.  
Lastly for Sophie's birthday I got sombreros and a week or so before the party the kids discovered them in the garage and really wanted to were them. Phoebe called them her "cowgirl hats", I didn't want to keep correcting her so I just let her keep playing cowboys with Joshie. The two pictures of Josh below were actually taken by Cami who got in my purse an found my camera...not bad actually, she shows real potential for a 2yr old!

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