Monday, May 14, 2012

Churro Chex Mix

Almost a month ago now a few of us Fergys pooled our food storage bins to come up with the ingedience for a recipe we found on Pintrest, Churro Chex Mix. We had all the kiddos participate, which means two things, 1. they had a blast & 2. we saw dozens of health codes violated.
After only a few minor melting mishaps we were sucessful in complting our Chex Mix and all the kiddos LOVED it; even Sophie got in on the action. Us adults enjoyed it as well, but we all agreed the strong cinnamon taste definitely made it so you could only enjoy a limited amount.
The real reward of the morning morning for the kiddos of course was the fact that they were able to play with their cousins. Phoebe LOVED finally having someone to play princess Barbies with.

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