Monday, May 14, 2012

April Daddy Dates

For April's Daddy Dates the kids a chose what they wanted to do. Phoebe chose to ride her "motorcycle" at the neighborhood park and then get ice cream with daddy. Before this night we have tried to teach Phoebe several time how to pedal and it has taken, but Cory said to night she sat down and took off like she has been doing it for years; silly girl has been hiding this new found skill from us.

Cami really wanted to go to the farm and see the animals like Josh had done the previous month. She did get a bit to close to some geese, however and they gave her a bit of a fright, poor girl! I completely understand that one, when I was 5yrs old I got chased & bit on the bum by a goose and to this day I am still nervous to get near them. Cory said Cams true love was the big green tractor; she hopped right on and steered forever. Cory said he stood their for a long time as she played on it was afraid he was never going to be able to leave. 

Josh's date was bit last minute this month and so on the last day of April Josh got to go on a special lunch date with daddy to Chic-fil-a. Cory said Josh cared little to nothing about the food but instead was completely engrossed in their awesome play area.  Too bad the date was so short, Josh had a hard time coming home, but maybe next month this little dudes can have a longer daddy date.

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