Monday, May 21, 2012

Sophie is Sadly 12 mos Already!

Sophie Marie:
Weight: 18lbs (10% for girls)
Height: 28.5in (50% for girls)
On the 5th of May our little Sophie turned 1yr old in spite of our demands that she just stay our little babe.  She is refusing to stay our baby as now she can go up and down the stairs safely, although just to make up feel needed sometimes she will refuse to go down the stairs of her own accord. Sophie still just has the 6 teeth, with no sign of anymore coming anytime soon.
Sophie is very adamant that she feed herself, she eats almost everything except, she never would eat baby food. Her favorite thing to do is wave and climb stairs. She last just started to develop good tickle spots on arms and legs, which are always fun to tickle. Sophie has just been the world's easiest baby; she is up for most anything and is very curious about exploring every detail around her.
Below was Sophie's Fiesta invitations:

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