Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Last month I started weight watchers with my mom. I have to say I am awful when it comes to dieting due to my poor knowledge in nutrition and the fact that don't know what to cook, because I have skinny children and a way too skinny husband that can't afford to loose any more weight. I have found with their plans, however that it might just finally be possible for me to to try and do a diet. It is slow going 4 lbs in 4 wks, but it's progress. The best part of the weight watchers plan is that it is a point system so you can eat almost completely normal wit only minor adjustments and then they even give you bonus points every week so I can still do a Cupcake run with all my sisters and lose weight!!!
I may not drop the weight and be America's Next Top Model next month, but slowly seems to be better if it means I can still eat the yummier things in life once in a while.

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