Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Months!

Okay so I am so late in posting this that Sophie is actually closer to 6 months now, but oh well.
On the 5th our Miss Sophie Marie turned 5 months old. She is still the most jovial baby you could EVER imagine. In the last month Sophie has spent he majority of time on her tummy.  She LOVES being on her tummy, which is the complete opposite of any of my other babies.  When you lay Sophie down on her back she will roll over to her tummy immediately, she even does this in her sleep, which unfortunately means she leaks all over the bed every night, because diapers were not designed for prolonged tummy time.
Sophie continues to be about a month behind in her vision milestones so within the last month Sophie finally began to play with toys and man she has a good grip with whatever she does grabs.  Sophie also is now strong enough to sit up in her little chair which she loves, because it gives her a different view of her surroundings.
Sophie loves being roomies with Phoebe and never wakes up in the night.  she still prefers to fall asleep on our arms at night, but she will also just fall asleep with no fuss in her crib if we need her too. Her brother and sisters just adore her so much and it is safe to say Miss Sophie is just the most adored sibling by all her siblings. If only she would STOP all the spitting up she just started to do out of nowhere in the last month I could adore her more with less clean up.

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