Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pizza House Party & Date Night

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to host another Houseparty! This time it was for Johnsonville Italian Sausages. The point of the party was to try the different sausages on pizza. Let me tell you this was really one of the best food house-parties I have ever had. The sausages won us over & no longer are we boring pepperoni pizza people (well maybe for the kids we are).
We has 10 people over to try and make their own delicious pizzas so it was our best turn out for a house party too. Overall I had lots of fun & I hope all the guest did too!
I actually forgot to take pics of the party, but because the pizzas were SOO good Cory and I decided to have a dinner and movie date night the next night making some of these hevaenly little pizza pies and watch Tron which was steaming for free on Netflix. Our totally free date night was great and it was so relaxing that I actually feel asleep in the movie, not that the movie was bad, but I am just getting that old where 10:30pm is plain past my bedtime.

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