Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Harvest Pickins

I was a little late in choosing all of what I wanted to can this year which meant I missed out on all the good tomatoes at the local Farmrs market so I took a trip with Mom to the "Famous Friut Way" in Brigham City which is an hour away. I know it is way out of my way, but I also went as a fun trip for the kids. 
I let the kids pick out their own fun Gourds which Josh didn't understand that get got to take one home.  when he finally did  understand the concept it was hard to keep him to one and no ten gourds. They also had fun cutouts the kids got pics with. Well Josh & Phoebe did, Cami just wanted to play withe the pirates sparkly booty.
 They also had a fun section of tons-o-pumpkins where the twiners enjoyed running around.
And as always Sophie was just thrilled to be in tow and smiled like crazy whenever she saw anyone looking her way. We think next year we will make one big Fergy Family trip and get all of our canning fruits and veggies & also so the kids can play with all the fun displays they have out.

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