Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky Cruise

This year for a fun new adventure we went on a Halloween cruise, which was easier said than done. We should have known our trip ad a bad omen when we went to go find the location and found out that road construction closed the exit off the freeway we needed and then took about 1 hr to find back roads to get to the place in a town we don't know well at all. When we got to the place it was BUSY and we had to wait 30 minutes in a lone to get to the window then another 30 minutes for a boat. While we waited luckily we had LOTS of snacks.
To start the cruise all the kids 12 and under had to put on life jackets, Cami WAS NOT HAPPY about this and screamed non stop!!!  None of he other kids seemed to mind though. I wore Sophie's on my shoulder for her.
The boat we rode was large and sat 40 people and moved with man who stood in front pulling on ropes that were over our head.  There were 100s of carved pumpkins and fun Halloween lights over head. The whole thing was really pretty and would have been quite enjoyable if we hadn't had the stress of trying to quiet down Sophie & Cami's screaming the whole time.  Definitely sothing fun to do, but leave the kids 2 & under at home, you'll enjoy it so much more!

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