Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phoebe's FOUR!

As of the 12th I no longer had 4 under four I now have 4 four & under. This was the first year that Phoebe really understood her birthday and was super excited for it. On her Birthday morning she woke up and groggily asked, "Is it my birthday yet?" Yes Phoebe it is!  She was so excited to put on her birthday crown and take pictures this year which is another first.  I know it looks like a tons of gifts, but know they are not all from me, not even 1/2 of them were.
Here werea few of Phoebe's favorite gifts. We had a princess themed gifts from everyone this year.
After breakfast Grandma Fergy came over to wish Phoebe a happy Birthday and she gave her a cute outfit and this Princess School workbook, which Phoebe broke out right then and there and started to work in.
Phoebe insited on wearing her birthday hat at every snack and meal. Then for Preschool that day she got to be a very important person which meant she brought a couple things for show and tell, along with pictures of the family, & treats for the day.  She also got to wear a crown and a VIP sticker which you can kinds see in the pics.
Phoebe really wanted an Arora cake for her birthday, but she settled for Cinderella luckily since that was all I could find at Wallys. We all enjoyed the cake which was more than Phoebe wanted to do, she had asked if she could just go to bed after her birthday hamburgers, her dinner choice. I was a mean mom however and insisted she stay up for birthday cake & in sptite of wanting to go to bed early Phoebe said she had a really good birthday at the end of the day.

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