Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preschool Update

Phoebe has been in Preschool for 1 month now and she LOVES it! I only wish she would tell me more about her day. Most days she comes home and I ask her did you have fun which always gets an enthusiastic yes then I ask her what did you do and I am nearly always met with an "I dunno"  so hen I have to go fishing for any detail.  Did you read a story?  What craft did you do? What was the letter of the day?  Sometimes I get an answer but most of the time only she will ever know what she did that day. Some days, however, she must have be having so much from or been learning so much she comes home just exhausted.
I also want to throw out a BIG THANKS to all my neighbors helping me out whether they watch Shopie and the twins for 20 mins so I can drop Phoebs off without them falling asleep in the car and ruining their naps for the day, taking the baby monitor so I can pick-up Phoebs without waking everyone up to come with or picking Phoebs up from school for me.  THANKS!!!

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Annie said...

Katie is the same way. If I ask her a bunch of questions she doesn't want to tell me. Slowly throughout the day she tells bits and pieces, but I really wish she would get in the car and tell me all about it!