Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wicked Witcheys

For the past year Phoebe has been in love with witches so I couldn't wit until they brought out all the witches at Gardener Village. We went on the first day they were brought out in the middle of September. It was surprisingly empty especially considering it was a Saturday too. We have gone to see the witches every year since we moved ere 5 yrs ago and it never gets old. Phoebe was thrilled there were witches everywhere we looked, but she said she was just too shy to get her picture taken with them.

After a big girl talk with mommy (okay more like bribing with candy incentives for good pics), Phoebs was able to show her face again and even dug deep for a smile or two.
We found one sign while wandering around that I couldn't pass up takeing a pic of Cory next to.
His companies banner!!!  PGAW is his office and the "official" builders/remodelers of Gardener Village. 
After all the pics were done we took the kiddos to Afton's Sweets and let them pick out a little piece of chocolate for a treat. Our total for everyone's candy rang up to 90 cents and it was enough to put some smiles on kiddos faces so it was a win win for us! Thanks witchys, we'll see ya again next year!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

That's HILARIOUS that Phoebs wouldn't show her face at first! Isn't bribing the BEST!!!