Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Home for Phoebe

About 3 wks ago I made a snap chief decision, it's time for a room change. Well actually it was building bad situation that finally had a breaking point. Over the last couple months Phoebe had been a little displaced. It was apparent that Phoebe could not fall asleep with the twins. We would have screaming, fighting and no one would fall asleep until about 10-10:30 every night and since my kids ALWAYS wake up about 6am it make for very cranky kids all the time. To try and improve the situation day at every nap we would lay the twins down in their room and Phoebe would then sleep in Sophie's crib and Sophie would sleep in her bouncer. At night. For bed time we would do the same, but at 10 or so we would then move sleeping Phoebe back to her bed with the twins. This made things better for a couple months, but at the end Phoebe was a little confused on which room was really hers and in he middle of the night she would cry just to go back and sleep on Sophie's floor. It seems that Phoebe was mature enough to leave Sophie a lone in her crib over the last couple of weeks and Sophie now sleep through the night so a decision was made.  Phoebe was was going move into her old room and be roomies with baby Sophie. I did the move all by myself, well I had 3 wee ones "helping" but I wouldn't call that help so much as hinder. Phoebe was SOOO excited for the move and especially to get her old bedding back that she kept telling me how much she liked me and what a nice mommy I was. Cami on the other hand was totally prostrate with grief that Phoebs was moving out. She refused to lay in her room without Phoebe and instead took a nap in the hallway on Phoebe's pillow.
As you can see it is a bit tight in the other room with Sophie and Phoebe together, but Phoebe ABSOLUTELY loves being roomies with baby Sophie and we have had NO bedtime fights since the room switch. Now when Phoebe goes to bed there is no resistance from her and she loves her roomie so much that she constantly yells "Is Sophie asleep yet?" & awaits the arrival of her roomie. With he exception of Cams, who still tries to sneak in to take naps on Phoebs bed, everyone is thrilled with the move.


Lauren said...

Wow, do you guys have just two bedrooms for the kiddos? I'm glad you found a solution. Sometimes it's a bit aggravating for the boys to share because Ben normally wakes up really early, but then Josh has learned to entertain him and I actually get to sleep in a bit longer.

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What a sweet girl to LOVE you for changing her bedroom back!!! I'm glad the sleeping has gotten better for y'all!