Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visiting Santa's Elves

As Christmas was nearly upon us I realized we hadn't gone to see the elves at Gardener Village so I planned us to all go on Christmas Eve morning when daddy could join us. We were lucky enough to have our friends Stephanie, Cassie & Jacob join us as well as Grandma/pa Fergy, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Luis.
If you look closely on the Naught and nice lists you will see Camille's name in the middle of the naughty list and Joshua's name at the bottom of the nice list...I'd say Santa got it right once again.
As Cassie and Phoebe refused to stand by each other for a picture the only way we could get them in the same photo was to have a parent hold them both for a picture.
I think Josh just looks so cute in his little hat I had to get a picture!

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