Monday, December 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Fergy Happenings

In the last couple of months Phoebe has begun to "make believe" with her toys, which has been really fun to watch.  This was one of the first times that I have seen her make believe with her blocks.  She built everything by herself & then told me it was a house, tree (orange circle), table (green block), & our "nice" car (orange & blue blocks).  She is too cute to watch learning and exploring on her own.
Have I ever mentioned Josh has three very favorite things to do? Eat, be held, & bathe. One afternoon when the kids were especially fussy I thought I would bathe them all to calm them down, well Josh was a little over zealous and while I was changing Cami's diaper, Josh leaned right on in and got in the tub with all of his clothes on still.  Phoebe flipped out and began crying about it, but Josh on the other hand was perfectly happy just to finally be in the tub.
Cami is our resident busy climber girl, even more than Phoebe if it can be believed.  She is always looking for something to get into and most of the time it is something naughty. She is also one of our most clumsy children, so the two together often lead to some kind of disaster. This particular time I had the stair gate down while I was getting the milk to fill the kids sippy cups for bed and Cami took the opportunity to scurry up the stairs unsupervised, normally not a problem, but this time as she was going up her hand slipped trying to crawl up as fast as possible and she smashed her face on the edge of a stair, resulting in a black eye.  It is not so apparent in these pictures, but if you note the Christmas pictures that will follow it is MUCH blacker. We now call her our own Fergilicious Black Eye Pea.

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