Monday, December 27, 2010

Sew Determined: October, November & December Editions

I had a goal this year to have at lease one sewing project every month  in order to become a better sewer.  Here re the last 3 months of my sewing endevors.

I made a little Indian costume which turned out to be hideously large on Cami and all my children for that fact. No one ended up wearing it for Halloween since the twins were sick, I didn't make them dress up.

In November I did several little sewing projects. The first was a Thanksgiving apron, which is a pattern I have made several time before, but we simplified it this time.
The next project was a dozen of these little babies, imsulated hot cup holders.  I made these becuse I had a Holiday party I was throwing were we served hot chocolate and all I had was cheap dollar store cups, which everyone knows then become too hot to hold, so viola cup holders!
The third project was a Christmas apron which was WAY more complicated and I learned how to make make ruffles on & I actually did wear all of Christmas day while I was baking.
The last sewing prject of  November was a cute Christmas stocking I made for a charity auction.  I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of it before I bundled it with toys, but have no fear, it was SOO cute I made many more.

For the year end project Cory & I decided that we would redo our older Christmas stockings with this fun new pattern I found and had made the month prior for the charity stocking.  I chose to make all different fabrics so we can add kids stocking without worry about finding the matching fabric in the future.  I also embroidered names on the stockings for a more of a personal touch.  I loved how they turned out  and you can see how cute they are hanging by our Christmas Tree!
Now that sewing had become easier for me and a habit I already have more sewing projects lined up for the upcoming year so stay tuned and I will keep ya all posted.

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