Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fergy Polar Express

Every year the Fergy clan has one large progressive dinner where we visit everyones house and admire their Christmas decorations. The food served at all the houses is themed & this years theme was Polar Express, so we all dressed in pjs and ate breakfast-y foods. The first stop was Grandma&pa Fergys where we ate breakfast casserole & OJ. Second was Dennis & Julie's were German Pancakes were served. Third was Charisse & Jason's where we enjoyed a cold cereal bar. Fourth was us where we had lemon blueberry biscuits & glass block Jello.  Last but not least we travel to Amber & Alan's to enjoy a hot chocolate bar. At the last home after enjoying our yummy cocoa we all gathered around and read the Polar Express.
Josh loved the story so much he laughed and squealed in joy, but then again part of that could have been due to the fact we were letting him eat marshmallows out of his own cup.
After the Polar express was read we dressed up all the kiddos and posed for a nativity scene picture. We had planned to act it out, but the kids were tired and all the parents were feeling up to the extra effort of helping their wee ones to act out the scenes. For our part we contributed Cami & Phoebe as angles (although Cami looks more like Tinker bell to us rather than an angel). Josh was a shepherd in the field, in fact he was the only shepherd of the play I believe.
There was no one picture that was perfect when having this many kids pose so I narrowed it down to four pictures and you and see all the kids doing their best in different photos.
The Fergy Clan progressive dinner is one of my most favorite activities of the year and I look forward to it all year long, next year I am hoping Italian is the menu theme!

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