Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Night Before Christmas in the Fergy Home

Every Christmas Eve growing up we ate Lasagna, it was the only time of year my mom made it and this is one tradition that we have continued in our family.  This year for something a little extra special I made Italian soda for our drinks. We discovered that Josh LOVES raspberry Italian sodas and will drink them until his face turns into red blotches and you have to cut him off so he can get some oxygen.
After dinner we opened our one gift of the eve and as always it was new pjs!  This year I chose not to make them, but take the easy way out and buy them, so they will get more warm snuggly use out of them.
After a short pj photo session the twins were really cranky so they went to bed while, Phoebe stayed up and decorate gingerbread cookies with us for Santa.  Phoebe was loving all the icing writers you can tell by the amount she loaded on her two cookies.
Cory and I decorate a few cookies ourselves, as always you can see Cory's are all fancy and mine are more sub-par.
Since Phoebe loved her cookies so much we decided to leave some plain cookies out for Santa on his plate.
After decorating the cookies we stepped out back for a few minutes to spread some reindeer food, which Phoebe was so excited about and wanted to stand at her window all night to watch the reindeer come eat her food, but she eventually feel asleep, so she missed them eating some of her special food for them.
We really had fun this Christmas eve now that our family is larger and Phoebe gets excited for Santa and his reindeer and I look forward  to having many more like it in the future!

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Lauren said...

Very cute! I love all the traditions your family has. I look forward to starting some of our own once my Josh is old enough to start caring.