Monday, December 27, 2010

TVs: Here today, Gone tomorrow

This year for Cory's Christmas bonus we decided to really splurge and replace our TV.  Our beloved TV is a Potts family heirloom; when I was 12 I  went with my dad and picked it out it was our "big screen" TV and after 18 years of perfect working condition, we decided to upgrade.  After a heartfelt hug goodbye we unplugged it and took it to our local DI (Utah's version of Goodwill).  
With this TV gone it was time to go shopping for a new one, which was so exciting wore poor Josh right out. While hooking up our new TV it quickly became apparent that we also had archaic TV cords so we had to make another trip out to the store for cables and we even splurged again and bought a cheap antenna so we could watch TV once and a while.  Note the level of excitement Cami had for the first shopping trip vs the second.
Here is our new TV all hooked up and you may even note we also bought a Xbox & Kinect bundle to enjoy & get in shape with, which Cory has had many hours enjoying already.

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Lauren said...

Nice TV! We're saving up for a kinect and hope that we can get it in a month or two. You'll have to post on which games you like best for working out. Or have Cory tell you since you don't need to work out.