Friday, December 7, 2012

Truly A Thankful Fergy Fest

Every year in school Phoebe has made a different cute turnkey day craft, the feather turnkey was last year and the cute hand paint turkey was this year's model.
We had a nice relaxing morning and watch the parade as a family then slowly started to get ready for our fest but having Daddy and the kiddos make the bacon wrapped smokies while I made the yumm-o yams.
We then set off to Dave's house where we had most of all the Fergy clan this year. Dave's basement turned out to be the perfect place setting for such a large gathering, we were able to all gather around the long makeshift table we created. The food of coarse was ALL DELICIOUS!!
After we binged on all the delicious food we could we had a little time to recoup, play, & watch some Shrek 4 on TV.
After wha seemed like too little of time all the desserts made their appearance  It looked all so delicious, but I was too full to try all but just 2 pies. The kids were only interested in boring ole the ice cream and Savannah's yummy homemade chocolate pudding and skipped all the yummy pies all togeher.
Following dessert we quickly whipped through the Black Friday ads, as in fact some didn't even make it through them before it was time to head out shopping for Walmart's first sale. I will say, I am NOT a fan of how early on Thanksgiving day the sales have started.  I felt a little rushed at the end of our relaxing Thanksgiving day which is too bad and I hope with all the complaints people have made they do not continue to have black Friday start on Thanksgiving Thursday.

I arose at 2:40am on Friday to get in my deal shopping and found a few cute clothing items in-spite of it being what I would call a lack luster year! As is almost always the case in our family we have a mini Fergy Thanksgiving meal the day after Thanksgiving so that we may have a tine of our own delicious left overs. This year Davey and Grandma Fergy were able to join us which is always fun! We ended the evening with an in prompt to underwear fashion show given by Cami showing & modeling all the new fairy underwear she had received earlier that day.  
We all just laughed as you could see how excited Cami was with her precious underwear, what can I say??It's an always exciting time in this Fergy house, you never know what actives we will have in store for all of our lucky guests. HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING!

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