Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Phoebe's Home Haircut Pt. Duex

In the beginning of November Phoebe was going though a tough habit change, no more thumb sucking. She has also been one in the past to act out irrationally with new behaviors in order to bring some control back into her court when facing new tough situations which apparently this was to her, so what did she do to act out this time???? Chop her hair off!!! In case you were wondering after the first time she did this, when she was 2, I did in fact learned my lesson & started putting the scissors up high, but this time she bumped a bookcase pretty hard causing the scissors to fall down.  I didn't notice it at first, bu when she came down stairs to get her brother so sneaky like I knew she had to be up to something so I listened and then when I heard beauty parlor I ran. Unfortunately, the damage had already happened to Phoebe's hair before she even got Josh, but I did manage to stop Josh from receiving the Phoebe hair special. I saw immedialy that she had cut her hair, but I didn't realize to what extent until I saw many clumps like unto this:

After freaking out and quiet a bit of yelling I called our wonderful neighbor Candice for a hair-mergency! First things's firs we had to access the full existent of the damage, before coming up with a game plan of how short it will have to be. .
We had one haircut in mind and it started out not too bad but Phoebe's had hacked the other side too badly so then we had to take it even shorter towards pixie length.
In the end we came up with this pixie, which doesn't took too bad in these pics, but when it is a beast to take care of on a little girl. It messes up if you look at it wrong and when it is not down it looks kinds Justin Bieber-ish.
It has taken me over a month to figure out the correct way to style it. The pics below were actually taken the day after at my firs attempt to do it, but it only lasted cute like for less than 10 minutes.
After a month I am getting more use to he cut and even have come to like it, but think it's also because it's grown out a bit more too. Phoebe, however, has never liked it and complains that Canice cut it too short, but  I have tried to explain many time it wasn't Candice who cut it too short; in fact, we had to start parting it on the other side to save some of ANY the of length 

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Taylor Family said...

Oh dear, I'm afraid that was me as a child. I cut my hair so many times. My girls, so far, have only given themselves mild "hair cuts", but I'm just waiting for the "big hack". But, Phoebe's hair really is cute, I love a cute little pixie cut on little girls.