Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sophie's First Day of Nursery

In the middle of November Sophie finally started attending Nursery in our church, a class for children beginning at age 18 mos. These are pics after church on her first day of nursery.
It must been a bit eventful for her, because she was so tired when she came home she fell asleep in her chair at lunch time.  She did wake up for dinner super happy, however and gorged on herself on the rigatoni!
So far Sophie has been our most content and quiet child, however lately she is getting quiet an attitude and no longer is content to sit quietly by while siblings take things and bug her. Sophie has developed a very loud banshee like scream that makes everyone on the block know immediately that she has feels she has been wronged in some manner. 
Sophie has also been developing more of her climbing skills and the classic Fergy child naughty nature. In spite of the previous trait, I still love the little stinkin' guts out of this short stack!

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