Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow Light, Snow Bright, First Snow I See...

The middle of November brought us our first and only snowfall of this winter so far, no that I am complaining, this Oregon girl at heart gets quickly sick of all the snow and cold around here. My, kiddos, however love it and so it is fun to watch them outside in it, especially when it was Sophie's first time to really play in the snow, which she seemed reserved about.
The mot excite thing for Sophie was that all the grape leaves did off so she could finally see all the grapes she neglected to eat earlier in the summer. She stood there for 5 minutes or more eating all the frozen grapes she could reach; I would have thought it would give her a brain freeze, but she seemed totally content to keep shoveling, be it, eat away.
Phoebe was of course just thrilled to make her lazy Fergy style of snowmen in the chairs. I have t admit if you can see the faces, they turned out a bit creepy this time made from left over Halloween candy.
Well, I am sure there will be many more snow pics yet to come this winter, but it's strange to think, perhaps not from this home anymore.

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