Friday, December 7, 2012

Disney on BLUE Ice

November always means the Daddy Daughter Date annual homage to see Disney on"blue" Ice as Phoebe calls it. Since Cami had just turned 3 it was her first year that she was able to join in on this fun date. The trip involves riding downtown on the train (Trax) - unfortunately we missed the first train and had to wait for another; Cami took this opportunity to stretch out on the benches. It was a tough wait . . . 
. . . but once we finally got on board, the girls just went crazy with excitement. They loved looking out the windows and telling me about everything they could see.
After picking up our tickets, the girls got to hand their individual tickets to the best worker at the arena - Grandpa Fergy (which is always a treat). We had excellent seats and they both loved picking out their own snacks - both chose pretzel bites both only ended up eating half (so Daddy took care of the leftovers).  
Phoebe and Cami both did very well as far as paying attention to the show. Phoebe thought all of the princesses dancing was by far the best, and Cami of course couldn't stop shouting when Belle came out to dance with the Beast and then whenever Mickey & Minnie Mouse came out.
We will continue to hear about this wonderful show every time a trax passes us by until it's time go go again next November!

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